ShedAlert load shedding alerts


Recently, a free load shedding alert application for South Africa came available.

You can get it at its Google Play page:

From it’s page, it’s capabilities as described are:

“- Get an alert the moment South Africa’s load shedding status changes
– Check the current load shedding stage at any time of day
– Instantly see what the load shedding schedule for your zone is for the day
– Use the calendar to see the full load shedding schedule for your area for the next few days
– Handy flashlight button for when the next coal silo collapses and you’re left in the dark
– Info page containing details for load shedding websites, zone maps, municipality contact details and more”

The and app include a listing of all the cities and municipalities where the Eskom load shedding is available to , and through, the app.


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